Russ Bell & Associates Inc.

Information Technology Management


Creation of outsource arrangements.

Ongoing management of IT outsourcing arrangements.

Evaluation of existing outsourcing arrangements.

Negotiation of annual operating agreements.


How will improved Information Technology Management help your business?

  • By providing improved understanding and control of all costs of Information Technology (including hidden costs).

  • By providing a better understanding of how to use technology in your business.

  • By providing an improved understanding of what technology is critical to your business’ success.

  • Allowing the adoption of new technology in a planned and controlled manner.



  • Information technology startup expertise.
  • Negotiation of outsource agreements for information technology.
  • Negotiation of information technology vendor agreements.
  • Development of master service agreements.
  • Creation of service level agreements.
  • Management of information technology agreements.
  • Development of Product Pricing for an Information Technology Service Company